Name Changed To Protect The Innocent

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm a WHAT?

OK, so I have no idea where this came from (wink, wink), but last night I dreamt Laurissa and I were newly made vampires running with a pack of other women we suspected were vampires also, but weren't sure. We were meeting in this abandoned apartment, then we'd go out... dancing or shopping, we never quite made it. We just piled in an old red truck and I was always changing my shirt in the cab as we drove. We never actually got to our destination, we just ended up back at the apt. and some really hot guy was there who was interested in me. All of a sudden Grizz and Nala were running through the apt. and Nala was so excited she kept peeing all over the floor, so I yelled to Trevan that he had to clean up his dog's little puddles all over the carpet. Then I was walking through the apt. right after getting back another time and noticed it was all booby trapped somehow and ran out and told the other 2 we had to leave, right now! So I ran through the apt and grabbed my clothes and we ran out, then we heard something coming after us through the concrete. We started flying toward a pool and we all jumped in and held on to floaty balls, so the creatures in the concrete, sent to kill us wouldn't know we were in there. Weird.


  1. Ooh, monsters in the concrete, nice! Could that have anything to do with the running you've been doing?