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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who's my gr'pa???

Ok, I only have the bizzarro dreams when I go back to sleep in the morning and this morning I had a real winner!
I was at mom and dad's, but it was some strange place I'd never seen and this old, white haired man was there. He was sitting in dad's recliner with him, which I thought was really weird. Dad could tell, so he explained by introducing me to his father. It wasn't the gr'pa I knew, so after some small talk I went into the kitchen and asked mom who the heck that man was. She told me that apparently Chinook had this deep dark secret that it was a free f-bomb (that's right! mom dropped it!) zone and dad really didn't know who his father was because his mom had so many different partners. I felt so bad for dad and I thought, no wonder he was so crabby all these years. How awful not to know who your father was. But heck, in this day and age that was an easy fix. He should just take that man and they should both have a DNA test, but realized it was probably too expensive. This lead to thoughts of other solutions, like physical appearance. There was no question Norm was gr'pa's son because he looks so much like him, but dad didn't really look like this new guy at all. This man looked like... this total island playboy; tan, not very tall, very handsome with fine, refined features and thick, full, white, wavy hair like Pres. McKay's. What a dilemma!
Then I was sitting on a recliner couch reading old letters I had written and the recliner foot part went down and all the papers fell all over the floor. I was talking to my brother, but I don't know who he was. And that's all I remember.

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