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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Becoming a Vampire in Santa Fe, Austria

I decided to take a walk one evening with my friend Christen. We started down Jaguar Drive, toward Bettie's house in Santa Fe. We were both dressed ridiculously, in baggy sweats and old school Nike's. I told Christen we shouldn't turn left on the upcoming street, because there was a big dog living on that street and it scared me last time I took a walk. Then I remembered I was wrong on the location, we were still a ways from Bettie's, hadn't even walked down into the ravine and back up to where Bets lives.

We walked a little further and then Christen wanted to head left, taking me on a new trail. I was hesitant because it wasn't the one I ran before with Bettie...and it was swampy, with a river very nearby. The trail itself was planks of wood, about 6 inches across, with ropes for handrails. The ropes were very low, however, and grabbing hold would require bending down. The other option was balancing carefully and not getting in the water, which was dirty and filled with yuck. Christen took off on it, so I followed her.

There were sections of the trail that were like crude tree houses, to climb through when the water was too high. There were people I didn't recognize in those little huts, encouraging us to keep going. The last part of the trail was a simple rope across the river, with a few people already in the river crossing it. Christen jumped in and started across. She yelled that it was safe, but I didn't want to get wet. On the other side of the bank, all the finishers were given drinks. Those drinks were glasses of vampire blood and it finally made sense who and what those "encouragers" were along the trail.

Christen drank up and was now a vampire. I turned around to leave and was in Austria. A small, old woman was taking me on a tour of a temple. It was all very beautiful and she said she was going to take me to a special room. The room was huge, with a pile of broken glass in the middle. There were several people looking over the glass and said that all the pieces were sacred stones from a variety of religious events throughout the history of the world. And when a new temple was built, a piece of these stones would be added to the foundation of the new temple.

I left the big room of the temple and saw a small cafe, serving coffee. I thought it was very strange to be serving coffee in a temple. The ladies locker room was next door to the cafe, so I went inside. And that's when I woke up.

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  1. Funny we both had vampire dreams! Can't imagine where we would get that redonculous idea from. ;p
    Hey! I really like the pic you pic'd for me!