Name Changed To Protect The Innocent

Monday, December 28, 2009

Water Therapy

I was working in some type of hospital, where the patients were unable to move or really speak. I was assisting a man give therapy to five patients. He had each of the patients together in a pool of water, with their heads just above the water line. Each patient had a monitor on them, all with green lights. The man said that he was going to begin the therapy and flipped a switch. He explained the new technique was streaming violin music through the water to invigorate the nerves in the patients.

Almost as soon as the music began, the faces of the patients became strained. I noticed some of the monitor lights were changing from green to yellow, some to orange. I tried to tell the man to stop, especially now that the faces were becoming more agonized, but he waved me off. Three of the patients monitors went to red, then black. I knew that those patients had just died.

The man turned the machine off and was faced with me and the two remaining live patients. He said he wouldn't risk having the two remaining patients turn on him, so he shot and killed them. The man told me that I was to speak of this to no one. He put the bodies in boxes and took them to a storage room, full of the same type of boxes.

I was so worried about the man coming after me, but also fearing him doing the same to other patients, so I told Jeff what had happened. He suggested we get the boxes, hide them, hide ourselves, then turn the man in. We snuck into the hospital, took the boxes back to our house and hid them behind our bed. The man then came to our house to talk to us about something unrelated. He was making small talk with Jeff, then Jeff said we had to leave. We left, but for some reason, the man stayed at our house.

In another neighborhood, we ran into some girls from my home town. Sarah S. was one of them and she mentioned she really wanted some corn dogs. We tried to find some for her, but didn't have any luck. Sarah then came out of her house to tell us she found a place in Lehi that was selling some corn dogs on eBay. She was really excited to go get them. But for some reason, I knew that the house was were the man was, and she was in great danger if she went. I tried to convince her not to go, but I wasn't fast enough to catch up to her. At that moment, the S. family dog crawled under me and stood up (indicating that I should ride the dog to catch up to Sarah). The dog started to run and that's when I woke up.

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