Name Changed To Protect The Innocent

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Run DMC strikes again!!!

Shaun, Neisha and I parked out in the north 40 and then went into the Casper Wal-Mart to get some Excedrin, but for some reason we didn't buy it and we walked across the parking lot to Sam's club. We were walking around and somehow Shaun ended up upstairs. He was about to walk through the door from a hallway to the stairs when a Mexican thug grabbed a big rack of chips and shoved him to the ground with it. People were running down the hall and I could see that they were jumping over him because he was still on the ground. Then there were a bunch of them on the upper level with guns and they were taking over the store. Neisha and I were near the door so we headed out and I screamed "Freaks!!" and the head guy that had shoved Shaun down said "Shoot her." So I put Neisha on my back and ran across the parking lot back to Wal-Mart with them running after us and shooting as I prayed that they would miss us or that we would be unseen by them. I found myself being amazed that I was still running so fast with her on my back. When we got into Wal-Mart there were some military guys in fatigues there to protect us all from the thugs, except they were more just mediators because they were doing what the thugs told them to. I grabbed some ibuprofen, but then remembered that's not what we were there for and yelled at Neisha to grab the Excedrin and tried to pay for it, but no cashier's were there. They called for one on the intercom, but then an alarm sounded and all the registers were frozen. Some little kids came in the store with huge guns and I went over to the group of military guys and told them the kids were there to shoot me because I had screamed at the thugs. They said, "Ah! You shouldn't have done that!" I said, "I know, but they hurt my husband and we can't let a small group of thugs push us around!! There's more of us than them!" I hid around the corner from the little kids and slipped past them back to the counter to try and pay for the Excedrin so we could leave, but still no-one was there. I got mad and threw money down on the counter, put on a different t-shirt and headed outside to find our car and get the heck out of there. When we got outside it was the middle of winter and there was several feet of snow on the ground. The cars were buried and there were huge piles of snow from snowplows covered in fresh snow. We were able to sneak back out to the north forty and started trying to find our car. All the cars were little white ones like ours and they were buried in 3 ft of snow, so we had to wipe off the snow to see the license plate to find it. There were guards outside, so we tried to hide in the snow behind the piles, so they wouldn't see us or know it was us. As I lay there I wanted to txt Shaun and see if he was ok, but I didn't dare. I was afraid that if they knew he was my husband they would just shoot him. We looked for a long time and more guards were coming out, so we finally just climbed the snow and went over the fence. Neisha was freaking out yelling, "They're coming, they're coming!!" I told her to run faster and we'd get away from them. We ran up a street and into a house where the door wasn't locked, but that was a bad idea because we couldn't lock it once we got inside and because of the snow they knew right where we were. We were going to run through the house and out the back door to another house, but they were all inside the house already looking for us. Neisha was crying and we were trying to find a place to hide, but they were too close... then, thankfully, I woke up. SCARY!!! Gee, I don't know where this dream came from! ;p

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Triathalon

I was on a bus full of people heading out of town to the race. The coach was talking to all of us, motivating and pumping us up. We rolled into a smallish town that reminded me of Malad or Nephi. The coach decided that we'd stay here for the night and told the driver to pull in to this fancy 5 star hotel. The bus unloaded into the lobby area, only to be seated at a long dining table. We were to have drinks and wait there at the table until, one-by-one, the bell boys took us to our rooms. It was at this point I realized that I was a vampire and in the company of vampires...all of us quite tall and gorgeous, like super models. For some reason, we had to leave the hotel, before we were found out. We all left our meeting place, to our rooms to gather our things to leave...but I went a little slower and watched one other girl stay behind in our meeting place. She was so beautiful and had ice blue eyes. She rang for room service to come and when they brought her food, she bit the neck of the woman who brought the food [human food, that is]. I knew she was going to get in trouble for killing a human as we were trying to make our escape...but then we both heard people coming. She stopped biting and since the woman wasn't sucked dry yet, she suddenly turned into a new vampire. Just then, the rest of our group came back into the meeting room. They were not in their normal forms however, as we were shape-shifting vampires. One was a triceratops, one was an alligator and one was a giant worm. These forms must have been more inconspicuous than beautiful women walking about.

The next thing I remembered was waking up the next day. I met the rest of the triathletes in a tent outside the starting line. Trouble was, none of us had swimming suits. The consensus was to just wear our underwear to swim in. I was worried about mine being too sheer and was embarrassed at the thought, so I put on my black Valkyrie t-shirt over top. I then proceeded with the first part of the race, the swimming. It was down a shallow, narrow canal-like thing. It seemed to be downhill, with lots of twists and turns, more like a water slide, but in a dirty canal. The end of the canal shot me into a warehouse, where I landed in a pool of mostly frozen water. I had to swim over to an opening in the side of the building, where I landed on a moving metal platform. It spun around and spit me out onto the running track to finish the race [apparently this was a 2 event triathalon]. I remembered thinking how weird it was to run barefoot around this track to finish the race. And no one seemed to be around, either I was first or last.

At the finish line, I ran into my friend Joseph from high school. He told me he was preparing to run a marathon the next year. We started to talk about races and I asked where he lived these days [it'd been forever since I'd seen him]. He said he lived in some strange, made up sounding town, "you know, over by Tooele". "Oh yes, of course" I knew exactly what he meant and that's when I woke up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is the Airline Industry Coming To?

I was going on a trip with Colette, Irene and Lisa. We went together to the airport, but it looked more like the mall in Pocatello. A short, ornery-looking woman directed all the passengers into a large room, to debrief us on proper flight protocol. We all got to choose who we would sit with on the plane, and I picked Colette [or maybe Lisa...I just remember blonish-brownish curly hair]. We sat next to each other, up on the front row in the middle. Me and my buddy, ColLisa, were waiting for the lecture to start and were whispering quietly and let out a little giggle or two. All the sudden, the ornery woman yelled at us. She said she'd had just about enough of our distractions and wouldn't put up with it any further. She took ColLisa by the arm and told her to go to another room, she'd have to take a different flight. I was so bummed! I couldn't believe she left me alone and we didn't even do anything, let alone interrupt her...she hadn't even begun to speak yet. And she didn't speak...she just lead us into another room, for more instructions.

The other room was big and open, brightly decorated in lights and had people playing musical instruments. The demonstration began with little girls, dressed like fairies in gold, flying around the room. Someone may have been singing too. Then some forms got passed out, for us to fill out the gift we'd like from the airlines, for flying with them. We got to pick which team jersey we'd like to have from a list of about 8 different teams. I didn't recognize most of the teams, but they did have a Colts jersey and I was thrilled! I really wanted to get the jersey for Jeff, but they only had size small and medium for free, anything over that size was $25 extra. I really went back and forth on the size, because I knew Jeff would love it, but I also knew I'd spent enough money already on the flight. So I ended up choosing a small and that's when I woke up.

Schofields - I mean - Sugar City Food Town

For some reason I was in Sugar City at the grocery store.  Share and Colette and I were shopping for something to eat.  I think one of Share's friends was there, too - but I don't remember who.  We were looking for breakfast and Share found this pudding/yogart stuff that was bubble gum flavored and decided that we should all get that.  She opened the little plastic tub and started sqeezing it out and dumping it into her mouth.  I was grossed out - "I hate bubble gum, Share.  You know that."  So I walked over to the produce to find a banana.  They mostly had brown bananas.  A random woman commented under hear breath, "this is the kind of produce you'd expect at a store that only gets a delivery once a week."  She was very rude about it so I responded, "they are not all bad - there are a few that are ok.  And besides, at least you can buy produce.  There are people starving in other countries.  Don't be so picky."  She was quite affronted.  Then another random woman said to me, "do you make your own soap?"  "What?"  "I thought that because you said that, you might be the kind of person who makes her own soap."  Now I am looking at my banana that was partly opened and brown but I didn't want to complain.  As the woman kept talking about the soap, I - for some forgotten reason - took off my pants and shirt and was talking to her in my g's.  I remember saying something about, "In Santa Fe..." and feeling like such a hippie.  Also thinking, "what is it about Sugar City that makes me want to prove some point to ignorant people?"  Just then, one of the cashiers came up to me and asked to speak to me alone.  She took me aside to ask me to please leave - I was not being nice and I was not dressed.  I just thought, "how narrow minded."  Then she took me over to the "cop"/security guard who talked to me for a minute about how he doesn't want any trouble.  Then some kids just outside the window were pushing on it and it was coming unglued at the edges.  So he went to stop them from breaking it completely.  I appologized to the cashier and seized this opportunity to escape.  I found Share and told her we had to go.  Then I woke up.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I was driving to my sports med doctor appointment and realized I hadn't put their new address in my GPS. I started to type in the info, but kept punching the wrong things. Each time I tried to fix it, I'd catch myself and swerve a little in my lane. I tried a couple of times and realized I was driving erratic and should pull over to put the info in.

I pulled into the parking lot of a Taco Time and thought, "I should grab a quick bite, I may not have time later". So I went in and ordered an ice water. I then thought I should probably get something for Bettie and the girls too, because they were probably hungry. I ordered a chocolate milk and one came free. I saw they sold Slushies and thought how much Bettie would love one, so I ordered one for her. They had a delicious looking salad on the menu, that I thought would be good to share, so I ordered that too. It had apples in it.

The girl helping me filled up my drinks first, after giving me two different bottles of different brands of chocolate milk. I thought it was strange that she put my slushy ice water in a cup with the domed lid and put the normal lid on Bettie's Slushy....causing it to spill over the sides. While I was trying to clean it off, the girl went into the back to make my salad. She grabbed a whole bag of apples for the salad and her boss yelled at her for using too many.

The girl was in the back forever, just making my salad. I realized time was getting close to my appointment and I needed to go. So I left and forgot to put the address in my GPS and that's when I woke up.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life Aquatic?

I like the movie Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou...I have it edited.  Somehow I thought I was in that movie last night.

We were in the ocean.  Don't ask me how we could breathe.  Sometimes we were under water for a long time.  We were exploring new places and we were looking for the Jaguar shark (it's in the movie).  This other big shark came along.  It was going for the bait we left it and when it opened it's mouth wide - 4 just smaller sharks came out of it's mouth in succession.  Like those Russian dolls that fit together - smaller, smaller, smallest...  Anyway, it was nothing like the Jaguar shark - but it was really wide instead of long.  Then we decided to hide in this little cave under the ground we were standing on.  It was small in there and there were small fish swimming around and we were nervous about what else might be in there.  I had to stay by the hole we came in.  I was thinking, "I forgot to tell Share that another thing that scares me is small places - especially when I'm afraid they could cave in.  I don't like this at all.  I have to get out.  Please let the shark be gone - I can't breathe in here."  Then at some point we were wandering around the ship and it seemed like there were lots of waves and so we were moving over to another ship - while still sailing.  There was this mesh walk way thing they had held between the two boats.  As I tried to walk across it with Bryce (remember that there are really big waves), a big wave came up and, like, flipped us way up into the air.  As I was flying up into the air and coming back down I thought, "I forgot to tell Share that I'm afraid of falling, too."  My stomach was all tense.

Share, this dream blog is invading my dreams. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who's my gr'pa???

Ok, I only have the bizzarro dreams when I go back to sleep in the morning and this morning I had a real winner!
I was at mom and dad's, but it was some strange place I'd never seen and this old, white haired man was there. He was sitting in dad's recliner with him, which I thought was really weird. Dad could tell, so he explained by introducing me to his father. It wasn't the gr'pa I knew, so after some small talk I went into the kitchen and asked mom who the heck that man was. She told me that apparently Chinook had this deep dark secret that it was a free f-bomb (that's right! mom dropped it!) zone and dad really didn't know who his father was because his mom had so many different partners. I felt so bad for dad and I thought, no wonder he was so crabby all these years. How awful not to know who your father was. But heck, in this day and age that was an easy fix. He should just take that man and they should both have a DNA test, but realized it was probably too expensive. This lead to thoughts of other solutions, like physical appearance. There was no question Norm was gr'pa's son because he looks so much like him, but dad didn't really look like this new guy at all. This man looked like... this total island playboy; tan, not very tall, very handsome with fine, refined features and thick, full, white, wavy hair like Pres. McKay's. What a dilemma!
Then I was sitting on a recliner couch reading old letters I had written and the recliner foot part went down and all the papers fell all over the floor. I was talking to my brother, but I don't know who he was. And that's all I remember.