Name Changed To Protect The Innocent

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My First Triathalon

I was on a bus full of people heading out of town to the race. The coach was talking to all of us, motivating and pumping us up. We rolled into a smallish town that reminded me of Malad or Nephi. The coach decided that we'd stay here for the night and told the driver to pull in to this fancy 5 star hotel. The bus unloaded into the lobby area, only to be seated at a long dining table. We were to have drinks and wait there at the table until, one-by-one, the bell boys took us to our rooms. It was at this point I realized that I was a vampire and in the company of vampires...all of us quite tall and gorgeous, like super models. For some reason, we had to leave the hotel, before we were found out. We all left our meeting place, to our rooms to gather our things to leave...but I went a little slower and watched one other girl stay behind in our meeting place. She was so beautiful and had ice blue eyes. She rang for room service to come and when they brought her food, she bit the neck of the woman who brought the food [human food, that is]. I knew she was going to get in trouble for killing a human as we were trying to make our escape...but then we both heard people coming. She stopped biting and since the woman wasn't sucked dry yet, she suddenly turned into a new vampire. Just then, the rest of our group came back into the meeting room. They were not in their normal forms however, as we were shape-shifting vampires. One was a triceratops, one was an alligator and one was a giant worm. These forms must have been more inconspicuous than beautiful women walking about.

The next thing I remembered was waking up the next day. I met the rest of the triathletes in a tent outside the starting line. Trouble was, none of us had swimming suits. The consensus was to just wear our underwear to swim in. I was worried about mine being too sheer and was embarrassed at the thought, so I put on my black Valkyrie t-shirt over top. I then proceeded with the first part of the race, the swimming. It was down a shallow, narrow canal-like thing. It seemed to be downhill, with lots of twists and turns, more like a water slide, but in a dirty canal. The end of the canal shot me into a warehouse, where I landed in a pool of mostly frozen water. I had to swim over to an opening in the side of the building, where I landed on a moving metal platform. It spun around and spit me out onto the running track to finish the race [apparently this was a 2 event triathalon]. I remembered thinking how weird it was to run barefoot around this track to finish the race. And no one seemed to be around, either I was first or last.

At the finish line, I ran into my friend Joseph from high school. He told me he was preparing to run a marathon the next year. We started to talk about races and I asked where he lived these days [it'd been forever since I'd seen him]. He said he lived in some strange, made up sounding town, "you know, over by Tooele". "Oh yes, of course" I knew exactly what he meant and that's when I woke up.


  1. I'm sure you won the race - all the other vamps were distracted by the bloody feet of the other competitors. Way to go you ;)

  2. LOL!! That's hilarious!! Dreams are so weird!!