Name Changed To Protect The Innocent

Monday, February 1, 2010


I was driving to my sports med doctor appointment and realized I hadn't put their new address in my GPS. I started to type in the info, but kept punching the wrong things. Each time I tried to fix it, I'd catch myself and swerve a little in my lane. I tried a couple of times and realized I was driving erratic and should pull over to put the info in.

I pulled into the parking lot of a Taco Time and thought, "I should grab a quick bite, I may not have time later". So I went in and ordered an ice water. I then thought I should probably get something for Bettie and the girls too, because they were probably hungry. I ordered a chocolate milk and one came free. I saw they sold Slushies and thought how much Bettie would love one, so I ordered one for her. They had a delicious looking salad on the menu, that I thought would be good to share, so I ordered that too. It had apples in it.

The girl helping me filled up my drinks first, after giving me two different bottles of different brands of chocolate milk. I thought it was strange that she put my slushy ice water in a cup with the domed lid and put the normal lid on Bettie's Slushy....causing it to spill over the sides. While I was trying to clean it off, the girl went into the back to make my salad. She grabbed a whole bag of apples for the salad and her boss yelled at her for using too many.

The girl was in the back forever, just making my salad. I realized time was getting close to my appointment and I needed to go. So I left and forgot to put the address in my GPS and that's when I woke up.


  1. I do like slushies - thanks for being so considerate ;)