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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is the Airline Industry Coming To?

I was going on a trip with Colette, Irene and Lisa. We went together to the airport, but it looked more like the mall in Pocatello. A short, ornery-looking woman directed all the passengers into a large room, to debrief us on proper flight protocol. We all got to choose who we would sit with on the plane, and I picked Colette [or maybe Lisa...I just remember blonish-brownish curly hair]. We sat next to each other, up on the front row in the middle. Me and my buddy, ColLisa, were waiting for the lecture to start and were whispering quietly and let out a little giggle or two. All the sudden, the ornery woman yelled at us. She said she'd had just about enough of our distractions and wouldn't put up with it any further. She took ColLisa by the arm and told her to go to another room, she'd have to take a different flight. I was so bummed! I couldn't believe she left me alone and we didn't even do anything, let alone interrupt her...she hadn't even begun to speak yet. And she didn't speak...she just lead us into another room, for more instructions.

The other room was big and open, brightly decorated in lights and had people playing musical instruments. The demonstration began with little girls, dressed like fairies in gold, flying around the room. Someone may have been singing too. Then some forms got passed out, for us to fill out the gift we'd like from the airlines, for flying with them. We got to pick which team jersey we'd like to have from a list of about 8 different teams. I didn't recognize most of the teams, but they did have a Colts jersey and I was thrilled! I really wanted to get the jersey for Jeff, but they only had size small and medium for free, anything over that size was $25 extra. I really went back and forth on the size, because I knew Jeff would love it, but I also knew I'd spent enough money already on the flight. So I ended up choosing a small and that's when I woke up.

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  1. How sweet you are always thinking of your squeeze!!
    Gold fairies... wow! And how rude to send me to another room!! Criminently!!